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Significant efficiencies

AMCS Enterprise Management has enabled us to better understand the detail of our business and has already delivered significant operational and administrative efficiencies and cost savings. This helps make us more competitive and enables us to better control our customers’ future waste management costs

William Tracey Group

Innovative recycling and resource management

The William Tracey Group (ENVA) is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies with 10 sites across Scotland and the North of England. This case study refers specifically to solutions and the experience of William Treacy, now part of Enva which is a customer of AMCS. Enva is a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions and operates across 30 facilities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, employing over 1500 people. The company fuses unparalleled industry experience with the latest technologies to deliver innovative recycling and resource management solutions. AMCS Enterprise Management drives significant operational efficiencies and cost savings at The William Tracey Group.



The opportunity

There were a number of drivers for change in the development of William Tracey Group’s (Enva) systems. The company’s identified an opportunity to gain better leverage and competitive advantage from their scale but realised that to do this they would need to be able to take an enterprise-wide view and to significantly improve their data and process quality. Next to that there was a competitive advantage to be gained from improving its customer engagement and experience. With these goals in mind, a decision was taken to find an enterprise-wide operational management system capable of supporting the company’s future growth.

The solution

AMCS Enterprise Management was selected and installed to manage the company’s daily operations, route planning, vehicle tracking, transport and weighbridge operations. Further modules were implemented for call centre and customer communications management, quotations and supplier job confirmation along with container management and accounts control.

All RoRo and skip drivers now use hand-held devices, which display the vehicle’s service schedule and enable drivers to confirm the job completion or report a missed lift – all in real time. All wheelie bins now have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags fitted, recording the exact date, time and GPS location of every lift. This provides irrefutable service verification and highlights any unplanned or unauthorised lifts.

The results

Implementing AMCS Enterprise Management was very beneficiary.

  • It reduced the company’s operating costs by improving efficiency across the business and is fully scalable to support its continued growth.
  • increased the accuracy and availability of data, which is better informing business decisions.
  • By using the RFID, GPS bin matching and weighing technology it is now possible to identify profit and loss down to single vehicle and individual customer level.
  • Optimised routing has resulted in significant fuel and emissions savings bringing both cost and environmental benefits.

Learn More

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results William Tracey (Enva) has achieved by implementing Route optimisation, mobile workforce, Enterprise management and Vehicle Technology!

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