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8.2 Benefits for your industry

Delivering an array of features and functionality committed to driving efficiencies in your operations.

Key benefits for your Industry

AMCS Platform is built exclusively on best-practices industry processes designed to simplify and automate workflows and to be configurable to support existing and future business needs.  

We invest more financial and human resources into the research and development of the AMCS Platform than any other software provider in the waste and recycling market. Our global teams are committed to the design, development, delivery and support of the AMCS Platform and our customers’ successes.

We work with customers for all relevant lines of business across the waste and recycling industry to transform their business. We do this by understanding our customers' current state and future endeavours.

AMCS will partner with you to get you there.

Let’s take a look at how the latest release benefits your industry and line of business.

Commercial Recycling Commodities

Recyclers are being faced with many challenges in today's marketplace. Within inbound, processing and outbound logistics processes a key struggle is digitalising and automating tasks. Creating efficiencies and therefore increasing productivity is a key factor to support margin expansion. 


The 8.2 release is delivering streamlined workflows and feature enhancements across inbound (Demand Planning and Grading & Quality module enhancements). We’re reducing time spent on administrative tasks and working with planners and yard inspectors to support their daily tasks. We’ve designed modules that are proactively supporting your team and working for them.

Our Grading & Quality module is processing loads faster with our user-friendly design and features. It’s providing you with more insight into what is being delivered, improving supplier relations and enabling you to make the necessary business decisions instantly.

Material sales: 8.2 is delivering an intuitive and customer-centric view of the outbound logics process.  We’ve enhanced the design and functionality of the material sales module within AMCS Platform, providing customers with a comprehensive business view of sales orders.

Construction & Demolition / Roll-off

Maximising revenue potential is a top priority for our customers. With R8.2 we’ve streamlined causal (skip) customer onboarding processes on our SaaS platform.  This is reducing the call resolution time and provides CSRs with the information they need to service your customer quickly. 

We’re enabling CSRs to capture the required information at the time of onboarding and process the complete transaction, providing the customer with an eta.  This is creating efficiencies for your casual customer processes and gives your CSRs clear visibility into the products available based on their address.

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Municipal / Residential

Managing the complexity of municipal and residential contracts is a challenge given the number of customers that need to be serviced and expecting high levels of customer services. 8.2 has delivered an enhanced geo-fencing module to support your staff and customers to better understand the areas that your business operates in.

It supports our municipal and residential customers who are delivering their services with specific geographic areas by presenting them with clear service boundaries to manage and resolve queries faster.

Municipal bordnamonaday3-1191_hires.jpg

Scale Operations and Transportation 

Ensuring an ‘always-open’ weighbridge operation has its challenges, for example around resourcing, risk, compliance, security and financing. But enabling a 24/7 operation, while reducing the associated challenges, can accelerate your company’s top-line growth.

To support your business and enable an always-open business model, we have developed the AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT). The AMCS DAT enables unmanned weighbridge operations, automating inbound and outbound weighbridge transactions at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs and other material-handling operations.

The AMCS Mobile product team has delivered greater assurance for your business around compliance with chain of custody compliance documentation and workflows. 8.2 is delivering more quality control enhancements to support variances within the W&R industry; these are supporting increased productivity with, for example, remote driver debrief.

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